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Do more of what you know how to do. Your way.

Custom Software

Optimal Process builds custom software to help businesses grow. We implement systems to increase your capacity, better serve your customers and attract new ones.

When we began about forty years ago, accomplishing these goals meant automating what had long been paper-based manual processes. And since no two firms, no matter how simlar, did things the same way, we designed custom software to fulfill the unique and specific needs of each particular operation.

Now virtually all business processes have long since been automated through software, and technology has changed almost everything about how that software is deployed. Yet the fact remains that no two businesses work the same way. So all business software is still custom software.

Custom Implementation

Custom software is better described today as customized software.

While developers have for decades created generic systems for industry verticals, then managed custom installation and maintenance, the cloud based infrastucture now in place enables far greater efficiency in these processes.

Optimal Process now focuses on adapting our existing systems to the exact needs of each of our clients. We place special emphasis on incorporating mobile technology to make possible entirely new modes of operation.

OPI's applications exploit real-time communications technology for team management and marketing. These include our Teamshare Health Care system for doctors, and Optimal Texting, our database driven texting system for scheduling and marketing communications across multiple industries.

Custom Integration

Since all businesses manage their operations through existing software, most Optimal Process implementations are integration jobs. We customize our applications to work within your management system, utilizing your data and adapting our software to your established data structure.

Everything begins with information sharing. Your business is complex and we have to understand its processes and needs in order to help acheive your goals.

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