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HIPPA Compliant Hospitalist Rounding System

Do more doctoring in less time.

Team Share Health Care is a HIPPA compliant Rounding System for fast moving hospitalists. It saves time and increases productivity for your whole group while enhancing quality and safety of care for your patients.

The system enables mobile doctors with mobile devices to access up-to-the-minute patient records, and quickly find and select ICD 10 Diagnosis and Procedure codes, which are automatically transmited to your billing/EMR system. Team Share opens to your starting schedule, and provides immediate notification of schedule changes throughout the day via instant text messages to the same mobile device.

Team Share Health Care is not an off-the-shelf product. It's a service that our team implements for you by interfacing Team Share with your group's EMR and those of your various hospitals, & by customizing the system to the specific needs of your group.

  • Fast, comprhensive infomation access:
    patient, referer, hospital & room number, diagnosis, treatment records.
  • Fast, accurate data entry:
    quickly look up & select ICD 10 Diagnosis & Procedure codes.
  • Accurate, complete billing:
    ICD codes automatically transmitted to billing.
  • Easy, group-wide information sharing:
    all team members see the same real-time data & records.
  • Easy labor savings:
    No paper, no data re-entry.
  • Fast, reliable re-scheduling:
    schedule changes transmitted via text message.
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