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No business has enough business.

When the time is right, all businesses seek to expand — to drive up volume by doing more of what they know how to do.

Optimal Process applications help drive business growth.

We help groups build the systems they need to increase capacity and generate greater volume.

Our applications are customized.

Optimal Process builds web applications to grow businesses within various vertical markets/industries, then implements those aplications for each individual business we serve. With our kind of software, there’s no one size fits all — we tailor systems to the particular needs of each of our clients. 901-323-4200

Scheduled text alerts and reminders, group text blasts.

Optimaltexting is a database driven text/instant messaging system that you operate from your computer, not your phone. It's very much like an email blasting system, with all the familiar features such as scheduling, custom groups, opt-in groups and more.

The big difference is that people acutally read texts.

Text massages are opened at the rate of 98%. For email, the rate is 20%. That makes Optimaltexting ideal for marketing any fixed time event, such as concerts, sales & specials, and all kinds of reminders for appointments and reservations.

As always, we can integrate Optimaltexting into your existing systems, if necessary. Click here for your instant free trial.

HIPPA Compliant Hospitalist Rounding System

Teamshare Health Care combines handheld devices, a robust database and texting system to enhance productivity and efficiency for your whole medical group. (View a demonstration video here.)

Teamshare literally puts into the doctor's hand comprehensive and up-to-the-minute patient records, along with a fast look-up library of ICD 10 Diagnosis and Procedure codes (click here to try it now). It maintains the doctor's schedule in real-time, including last minute changes augmented by text alerts.

Team share is an input/output system. Doctors update records on the spot, so they're immediately available to the whole team. Selected ICD 10 code(s) are automatically routed to the hospital's billing/EMR.

Teamshare requires implementation. We'll work you through step by step.

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